The spilled ink on your drawing is attacking your hero, Charlie! Defend him against the censorship monsters in a fast-paced game that requires lightning-fast fingers and nerves of steel. Tap, slide, shake and become a true defender of freedom of the press!


– Play for freedom of the press
– Editorial cartoon graphics
– Use simple gestures to interact
– Compare your score with your friends across two levels of difficulty

Our engagement to the CPJ

We support freedom of the press: 90% of the game profits go to the Committee to Protect Journalists ( The rest of the game profits will be used to create other games to support valuable causes. Join us on facebook or twitter to be notified when they come out! You can also donate directly to the CPJ on the donate page of their website.

CPJ promotes press freedom worldwide and defends the right of journalists to report the news without fear of reprisal. CPJ ensures the free flow of news and commentary by taking action wherever journalists are attacked, imprisoned, killed, kidnapped, threatened, censored, or harassed.

A few words about the game

We very often read your comments here and there, so if you searched until here, we have a few answers.

Q: How did this project start?
A: As did many people, we have been intimately touched by the attacks of January in Paris, and other similar events in Algeria, in Russia… And when we saw the number of reactions expressed in the street, on the arts… we decided that we could do the same with our media. But we wanted to go further, and to be active participants: that’s why we wanted the game to help fund a Charity.

Q : Why the CPJ?
A : Charlie hebdo already had enough support, they do not need our help. However, many NGO try to save journalists from death or prison. Local freelancers that do not have the exposure Charlie Hebdo’s team had, and who’s last chance is sometimes in the hands of the CPJ. Their local approach and their transparency are the reason we chose them. See their rating on

Q: Can we really « play » about the liberty of expression? Isn’t it opportunism?
A: The authors of Charlie Hebdo wanted to be able to laugh about any subject, because humor is a way of expression that allows passing a message in a different way. This game is going in the same direction and offers to play and defend values at the same time.
The game is free, to broadcast a message to the most people. The commercial part is contains is optional, since they announce different products on here like tools for wood working such as a mini circular saw you can see here. All the time we will have spent developing this project is a way to value our skills for a cause. We’re convinced it’s better than doing nothing!

Press Kit

If you want to write about the game, you might need these assets (50MB). Please send us an email if you need additional information: press (a)
Press release :

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